The Power of Scent!

“Ooooo you smell lovely!” – Is that not just the best compliment in the world?

After working within fragrance for almost a year now, I have started to realise the impact that a fragrance can have on us all.

There is so many factors to consider when deciding on a fragrance… The most important one to me is the way that it makes you feel. Do you want to feel uplifted, revitalised, sexy, confident, relaxed, feminine? A fragrance really has the power to do all of this.

Really, it’s crazy how much a scent can affect you emotionally too. A scent can bring back memories, transport you to places and remind you of certain people.

This is one of the reasons it is exciting to change your scent depending on the occasion; for example lots of people choose to purchase a particular wedding scent because then when they smell the fragrance again it will remind them of their special day.

Personally, I like to change my fragrance depending on the time of day or sometimes if i’m feeling extra picky and ‘Just Because’ I will vary the fragrance depending on my outfit. So if it is a feminine dress I may choose a more light floral fragrance. If i’m wearing my classic boyfriend jeans and a simple tee then probably a more uplifting citrus/ fruity scent and alternatively if i’m going out in the evening and maybe wearing my leather jacket I would want to go bit warmer with my fragrance and add something with slightly richer ingredients and a bit of spiciness.

I think everyone has had that moment where they fall in love with a fragrance on someone else and then put it on them-self and it smells completely different! This could be to do with a number of reasons:

Sometimes if you don’t exfoliate then the fragrance could sink straight into your skin or react with body oils. In order to avoid this I would just suggest exfoliating 2/3 times a week and also moisturising before layering on a fragrance. This will then act as a base layer for the fragrance and allow it to shine. Some fragrances are available in a body creme too; this would be an ideal way to bring out the true scent of the fragrance on your skin.

Another reason is the fact that everybody has there own Olfactory system (sense of smell in the sensory system) which means that we all smell things slightly differently. This explains how when you smell a scent on somebody else you associate the fragrance with them and their character however you may smell this differently on yourself. This is why it’s important to try a fragrance on your own skin rather than a blotter to gauge a true representation of it before you commit to buying it.

I hope these tips can help you find your perfect fragrance or two!

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