A little bit of help with self-soothing.

Hey guys,


So it’s September, which is really more the new January. The new academic year and a chance to turn over a new leaf. Since jumping back into my commute to London and busy timetable, I started remembering how important it is to take time out to relax and calm myself away from the stress of a busy life and the doom and gloom of this transitional weather.


All of you are out there leading your own life and probably super busy. Sometimes it can all get on top of you and lead you to a moment of madness where it consumes you and you feel a little panicked. These are the times you need your self-comforts.


I don’t know if you have a little everyday item in the bottom of your handbag or something you run to in times of need. Mines a strange one, but when I feel a little sick and I’m in public I know all I need is a piece of gum and it calms me right down…odd really.


But if you did happen to be at home or even away at Uni. I hope these tips help to calm you and allow you to lift a little weight off your shoulders.


The way to do this is to soothe the senses.



Listen to calming music or natural sounds. Even the sound of birds tweeting outside.



Look at something visually appealing away from a digital screen. This could be a piece of artwork, a bouquet of flowers or one of those adult colouring books. I enjoy the escape of reading a magazine.



Smell some essential oils or perfume. Light a scented candle. Calming scents include lavender, orange and bergamot. The one in my featured image is the Jo Malone London home candle in Basil and Neroli.



Take a warm relaxing bath. Snuggle in a cosy blanket or with a soft pet. Change into some comfy clothes. Go outside and feel the breeze against your skin.



Make yourself a cup of herbal tea, camomile or peppermint are popular choices to relax. Suck on a mint or a lolly. Tuck in to that box of chocolates.


If you have the time. Give yourself a little pamper evening and try all the senses at once. Run yourself a relaxing bubble bath, light a scented candle, play some calming music and sip on a cup of herbal tea.

sweatpantsandcoffee.comSmile, breathe and go slowly

I hope you have the chance to give these ago and you feel grounded and relaxed as a result.


Lots of love,


Han x

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