Behind the scenes with Marlow London

Recently I had the opportunity to work for Chloé Marlow (designer and founder of luxury accessories brand Marlow London) to help create her fashion video to showcase her gorgeous handbags and accessories. All I can is wow! What a fulfilling, jam-packed day it was and what an inspiration Chloé Marlow is as a designer.

Marlow London

Chloé is from North London and has recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. Chloé has had lots of experience within the fashion industry; working for brands such as Burberry and Matches Fashion. The Marlow London label originally came about as Chloé Marlow created it as her final project at CSM. She told me how all her friends and those around her were so keen to purchase her products that she knew she was onto a winner and started to commercialise her ideas after she graduated.

Chloé explained to me how the idea for the design came about from when she was working in Fashion. She told me how all the luxury items would arrive with huge disclaimer and warning labels and that they just took over from the products themselves. It deemed the question of what was more important, the product or the disclaimers?

Chloé took this a step further and took a more literal approach to almost mock this and feature the disclaimers in her designs. On the Marlow London handbags, the disclaimers are laser cut out of the main body. They create a real bold statement and are really eye-catching.



One thing I absolutely love about the Marlow London handbags is that no two are the same. An individual barcode has been laser cut into each one and vegetable-tanned leather is used which gives each bag its natural marks and scratches.

Not only are these made of the highest quality but they are the perfect statement piece for any outfit. The bold colours are fun and give you a sense of confidence.


Marlow London

Whoever said luxury fashion couldn’t be fun got it all wrong and Chloé Marlow has definitely proved that.

This is only the beginning for Marlow London and I just can’t wait to see where the brand goes in the future.

Thank you for having me Chloé and good luck with everything.


To purchase any of the Marlow London accessories, you can find them at:


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(By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post I just had such an amazing day working with the brand and wanted to share the love.)


Han x

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